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10-12 Seater Minibus Hire

In the 10-12 minibus seat hire category that Travel Eaze operates in Huddersfield and its surroundings, we seek to provide your group with dependable and pocket friendly means of travel. The minibuses are ideal for a variety of events regardless of their corporate or casual nature. We are committed to ensuring your group gets refined services day and night. We will listen to every detail and suggestion you present in your quest for a befitting minibus. Even if you and your group are of a special nature, we knew how to fulfil these custom and unique travel needs.

Customer Focused Attention

When you request for a 10-12 set minibus hire vehicle form Travel Eaze, we provide a carefully designed model with tantalizing interiors. The state of the art features in every minibus will help you forget the boredom on your long road trip, you can play music or stream music direct from the internet using our strong WI-FI. Ask us to include any other desirable feature that your group wants and we will get it for you. We are in the business of fulfilling customer expectations. Our competitors won’t bother to offer such accessories and you may have to contend with a bland minibus even after paying a lot of money.

Convenience and Ease of Access

The design you get when you order the 10-12 seater minibus will offer convenience and ease of access. We provide disability access and climate control. These vehicles are built in a way that your group won’t have to worry about navigation and travel to different parts of Dewsbury and Batley. We offer spacious luggage compartments so you don’t have to bother squeezing your suitcase in your leg area. You can load up all the luggage that your 12 passenger has carried along and the vehicle will still offer excellent performance.

Customer Support

When you embark on your journey in and around Halifax or Brighouse, we assure our customers total security, safety and peace of mind.  Don’t pick the minibus from some unknown taxi company. They can leave you on your own if the vehicle breaks down. Come to Travel Eaze and we will provide GPS trackers in all our 10-12 seat minibuses. We want you to know that we keep track of every move your group takes. If you get stranded on the roadside. We know where to find you and quickly so.

A Popular Means Of Travel

10-12 seater minibuses offer a populous means of travel. The ones at Travel Eaze are competitively priced. You can use them for the airport transfer and benefit for the free complimentary services we offer. You can save more if your group decides to book the vehicle in advance. If you want to from a convoy to the sporting event in town, you will qualify for more discounts if you book more than 10 minibuses. Contact us today!

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